Ddlg is not for everyone but it’s ME

Ddlg or Daddy Dom/Little Girl is the d/s relationship that I fall under. Now before you freak out and report this the title doesn’t sound pleasant but it’s two consenting adults taking on roles that we feel like our inner most self is.

As I’ve stated before I do fall under the “little girl” aspect of my kink. By means of I do have actions, feelings and emotions of what I was as a little child. When I get into my little space it is my trance so to speak. I get rid of the the pain, burdens, and life of adult life and slip back into my innocent self. I color, watch cartoons I very much watched as a little girl and I’m usually very emotional in this state, I love stuffed animals, I’ll refer to them as my stuffies, dress up is a favorite of mine to just let go; but I NEVER partake in adult activities in little space. It’s my self protection bubble to cut off from the world.

So why connect as this? It’s just where I feel safe and protected. When I’m in little space my daddy dom is more custom to protecting me, holding me, cuddling and being that figure over me. So… daddy dom… really? Yes really, I call my dom Daddy. As I feel comfortable as a little he is comfortable as a daddy but not the actual parent but more as a caregiver. Caring for my needs, protection, anything he can do to ensure I am the best person that I can be for myself and for my family. I call him daddy out of respect for all he does for me. It’s our thing and many others who follow in this path. He knows my little space and what to do and not to do when I am there. The softer and more gentle side of him comes out.

But how can ddlg be in the d/s relationship? Well you don’t have to be dominant and submissive to be ddlg and same goes the other way around. I’m not always in little space but still long for that dominance, but I still call him Daddy as he still calls me little one. It’s our d/s titles for one another. It’s a mutual agreement, contract per say, that I belong to him as his submissive and we work together to please him and myself in everyday life and well, yeah you know.

In our dynamic I discuss what I want to work on, get better at but am highly struggling with. We examine them together and he comes up with tasks, rewards and punishments that he knows won’t break me but will set in deep in my head to stay better on task. Taking things away I enjoy, kneeling for periods of time, harsher spankings etc. Daddy Doms have a lot they take on when they connect with their littles. In return as their submissive/property a dom may ask for daily pictures after you’re ready for the day, ask that you keep yourself presentable and maintained or wear a color that looks good on you. It all depends on the d/s needs and desires.

Wow after reading that someone may feel like you’re entire adult life isn’t adult at all. Everyone is different and I can’t stress that enough. This is what makes me happy, my choice and my Ls that has made my living adult life more fulfilling than it’s been in the past 10 years. We are both safe and always talking and growing together to ensure we are still that good match.

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